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Apart from a seemingly defunct facebook group, I haven't been able to find any EA group in Nottingham, which makes it the most populous city in the UK without one.

Given it's a city brimming with students (myself included), it seems a waste to not try and set one up.

If you're also under the impression that you're the only effective altruist in Nottingham, please comment or send me a DM!

(I'm not sure if this is the right to place to ask this kind of question, feel free to tell me off if it's not)




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Are you in touch with Joris and the university group support team at the Centre for Effective Altruism? They might be able to help. More info here: https://www.notion.so/centreforeffectivealtruism/Organizer-Support-Program-OSP-0aa5dc55d97e444da347d8d227db93d4?pvs=4

Good luck!

Hey Tom, welcome to the Forum! 


I happened to see this comment, excited to get in touch! And thanks for the recommendation James :)

Want to shoot us an email at unigroups [at] centreforeffectivealtruism [dot] org? I've already asked someone to do a search in our system for any people in your area!

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