In all probability, the 2024 US elections will be a contest between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. This rematch of the 2020 is the most atypical US Presidential election since the Civil War, because it is the first instance of an election where a non-conceding candidate is in the ballot box, and precisely against the incumbent he declared to be a usurper. 

Now, usurpation is to republican government the capital crime. In Sharia law, the capital accusation against a Muslim is that of relapsing, that is ceasing to be a Muslim, that in Arab is named “Tekfir”. Being the ultimate crime, the Islamic scholars always tried to keep this accusation as unusual as possible, because capital crimes shall be by definition unusual and their repression concerns the entire community. Consequently, in Sharia   when a Muslim accuses another of disbelief, either the accused of the accuser becomes a Tekfir. An accepted hadith (a comment on the Coran attributed to Mohammed himself) says:

“When a person calls his brother (in Islam) a disbeliever, one of them will certainly deserve the title. If the addressee is so as he has asserted, the disbelief of the man is confirmed, but if it is untrue, then it will revert to him.”

The Trump 2020 non-concession is the political equivalent of Tekfir: either Biden is a usurper or Trump is an aspiring usurper. Politics (as general rule) is amorphous, complex and open to a diversity of reasons and opinions, but in the 2024 Presidential Election, a Tekfir candidate will be in the ballot box. When legitimacy is at stake, policy is inconsequential: racial issues, woke universities, inflation, Israel and Palestine, Ukraine and Russia, the American Hegemony: all those critical issues are now irrelevant. Moreover: no matter your policy preferences, the Tekfir candidate will be catastrophic to them.

Trump non concession is relatively ambiguous: we still do not know if he considers that the “system is rigged” because his (both clever and effective) strategy of antagonizing the press put them against him, or he thinks that votes were miscounted in a scale significantly superior to that of previous elections (the American decentralized election system imply more robustness at the price of less accuracy than European centralized systems). He probably means both, but only exceptional electoral fraud can be considered a serious ground for non-concession

Non-concession cannot be considered illegal: if false, it is treasonous but it is legal and covered by the First Amendment. The legal responsibilities for the January 6th assault are still to be examined, but in my view they can be hard to prove. On the other hand, the Capitol Assault is politically irrelevant: the non-concession, if based on facts, was the absolute duty of Trump (no matter the consequences), and if not grounded on facts makes him an aspiring usurper even if he did nothing else. 

Any US citizen deserving her citizenship has an absolute moral obligation on voting in the 2024 Presidential election, and her duty is to vote based only on her opinion on the (narrowly defined) legitimacy issue: “Were the votes counted in 2020 Presidential Election with the usual accuracy on other Presidential elections, or the degree of electoral fraud was exceptional?“

If you think that the level of electoral fraud was exceptional, then Joe Biden is the Tekfir candidate. If you think that the counting of the votes and the judicial decisions on recounting were wrong and the election was stolen, you have the absolute duty to vote for Trump, and he has the absolute duty to propose changes in Law, including the Constitution “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”.

On the other hand, if the votes were correctly counted, Trump is the Tekfir candidate: the worst traitor since Judas Iscariot, and by supporting him, no matter your other reasons, you are one of those enemies, foreign or domestic, against whom the US Constitution shall be defended.

The 2024 Presidential election is not a Presidential election: it is a Trial, the most important in living memory, and every US citizen has an absolute duty to be part of the Jury. 

So help you God.





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