I've heard that it's difficult to get a job in many EA organizations from previous posts. Is this belief correct, and how true is this when talking about smaller, newer, and lesser-known EA organizations? If it is significantly easier, how many such organizations are there?

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Not a direct answer to your question, but you might find the following things useful:

  • List of EA-related organisations
    • But this isn't a comprehensive list, and of course the orgs it's most likely to miss are smaller, new, and lesser known orgs
  • Posts tagged EA hiring
  • Posts tagged working at EA vs non-EA orgs
  • Personally, my first job at an EA org was at a smaller, newer, and lesser-known one, and the way I found out about it was via a job ad the org posted in the EAG London 2019 app.
    • If there's a generalisable lesson to be drawn from that, it's probably that getting involved in EA events, networking with EAs, etc. will be among the best ways to find out about such opportunities
    • But that's of course just one data point
    • (And that lesson presumes a person has the goal of working at an EA org, which makes sense for some people, but for other people that probably shouldn't be among their top goals, and it probably shouldn't be anyone's only goal.)