I’m looking to write an article that tries to make the case for effective giving in 7 charts.

To do so, I'm currently working to compile a document of the most compelling charts, graphs, statistics, or other data visualizations related to effective giving. 

Here is a link to what I have so far. What am I missing?

I’d really appreciate it if you could take a look and then suggest some that I might’ve missed in the comment section below. It would be preferable if you could share the chart, but it would still be great if you could even just describe it (so I can find it/make it later).

After this, I’ll create a poll so we can vote on the top 7.





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Hey Julian, great initiative!

There are some that are focussed more on pollution, such as lead exposure:

Polluted water:

And air pollution:

GWWC uses bednets, medice and healthspan to show how much your donation could do. Some people might like concrete numbers on what they can buy. E.g a 1000 dollar could do:

If you really want to hammer home how much more your donation could do overseas you can show graphs such as:



As much as I think considering new ideas is important, I recommend you don't include things like the value of potential people and geo-engineering in the graphs, since these concepts may be controversial/distracting for people.

The site informationisbeautiful.net/beautifulnews used to upload beautiful hopeful graphs everyday, and while they have stopped it might be worth checking out their archives.

If you need help with the graphic design of these graphs, feel free to reach out to me.

Could you provide sources to the charts you added there? It'd be nice to take into account how up-to-date it is or what's the underlying data source when we'll be voting on them :) Also I'm thinking of redoing & sharing some of these in my language.

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