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This is a reminder that you can still apply to attend the EAGxPrague conference on May 13-15, in… Prague! The first in-person EA conference in a non English-speaking country since EAGxNordics over 3 years ago.


We invited speakers from all over the world, who will offer talks, workshops, whiteboard discussions, meet-ups, as well as practical co-creating sessions.

Come to Prague if you are interested in:

* Localisation of effective altruism. We will have a track on bringing EA ideas into different cultures and countries, localized prioritization, experiences with the translation of EA books and other content, running community spaces, and many opportunities to share experiences with other non-anglosphere EAs.

* Current trends in global health and well-being and animal welfare such as research efforts in cultured meat, effective interventions in mental health, or policy successes in animal welfare.

* Epistemics, both as a cause area, and crucial virtue effective altruism needs to keep. We will have a track on improving both individual and collective epistemics, including hands-on workshops.

* AI alignment. We will focus on both the latest results in interpretability and alignment of large deep learning models and also more confusing questions about what we even mean by AI getting aligned with humanity.

* Lessons from COVID - COVID failure modes as ways to improve societal readiness for global catastrophic risks.

* How EA culture needs to change in the face of growth and resources. We will have sessions, discussions, and chats about the topic.

(Our program is still being finalized and may change.)

We will also offer a pre-conference on Friday (a dedicated space where you can arrange meetings and 1:1), an opening reception with a career fair on Friday night, and Lightning talks (apply here!). Our community coworking space Epistea will be open and free to use to everyone before the conference, starting on Monday, May 9 from 10am to 10pm with community events happening in the evening. Feel free to arrive early to get to know Prague and the Czech EAs. We are hesitant to promise good weather but Prague is known to be beautiful in the spring.

We are aware that EA conferences can potentially be an intense environment and commit to supporting a culture of exploration, curiosity, and balance. To this end, we will also offer more relaxing activities such as guided tours of Prague, a nap room, a tea room, a variety of games, and creative activities.


There are currently no COVID-related travel restrictions, so anyone can travel to the Czech Republic as before 2020. There is also little COVID (estimated adjusted prevalence for the weekend of the conference is estimated at 0.25%) and not very many COVID restrictions (masks are optional).

We hope that EAGxPrague will be a place to think, make intellectual progress, and follow your curiosity. We are looking forward to seeing you there!




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This is something I should purpose to attend. See you there!

Amusing typo: "We will have a track on improving both individual and collective epidemics" :)

Ha, amusing indeed! Fixed now. :) 

What's the ticket price?

You pay for the ticket at the registration stage depending on what you can afford. The baseline price is 50 EUR and then you can apply a 25%, 50%, or 75% discount. You can also ask for financial assistance to be able to attend the conference.

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