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The AI Safety Communities logo, by DALL-E 2

The AI safety field has been rapidly growing over the last few years, and more and more communities have been sprouting up all over the world, both physically and online.

The Alignment Ecosystem Development (AED) team identified having a living document listing them all as a low-hanging fruit, and volunteers are maintaining this live database of AI safety communities.

Here’s what you can do now:

  1. Join communities you’re interested in and participate.
  2. Link this to your friends.
  3. Add communities to the document if they’re missing (account creation with is required)
  4. Improve the descriptions of any communities which you’re a part of. Many of the current descriptions are incomplete or outdated, jump right in and share your knowledge.
  5. Volunteer as a maintainer, or join the Alignment Ecosystem Development Discord server, where they host monthly calls to pitch or join shovel ready volunteering opportunities.

Thanks to JJ Hepburn from AI Safety Support for providing the domain through, another soon-to-be-launched AED project!

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This is awesome! Lots of groups I hadn't heard of.

I created an account and I'm pretty sure I still can't change or add anything.

Sorry about this, fixed the editing permissions, should work now!

Edit: Even with the fixed permissions it's not working right, I've contacted support and we might move to a new platform.

Edit2: Actually fixed for real.


  • Simplified columns (link is now in the name of each entry, rather than a separate column, and made the names bold)
  • Reordered to put some of the entries added by volunteers nearer the top (unknown people are adding stuff! excellent!)
  • Moved one now-inactive project to the bottom
  • Added a note about EA Gather Town's invite link breaking every month, and to go via the Discord instead.
  • Updated icon
  • Added note about who to talk to for one invite-only Slack
  • Successfully applied for $1k credit for the software, which means we have edit histories enabled on this and all docs for about three years for free

Is there any chance you could add a column to distinguish online communities from in-person ones?

Also, how do I get AI Safety Australia and New Zealand added?

Done, and done. Edit access should be open now too.

Crossposting plex's comment from LessWrong:


  1. Have been continually adding to this, up to 49 online communities.
  2. Added a student groups section, with 12 entries and some extra fields (website, contact, calendar, mailing list), based on the AGISF list (in talks with the maintainer to set up painless syncing between the two systems).
  3. Made a form where you can easily add entries.

Still getting consistent traffic, happy to see it getting used :)

The discord invite has expired. Can you update it?

Let me know if it still doesn't work, thanks!

I'd like to have an inventory of EA inventories like this.

Here is the seed.  Does anyone want to take ownership for maintaining it?

Is there any chance you could add a column to distinguish online communities from in-person ones?

Good idea, done.