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The Long Game Project is an organisation focused on helping institutions improve decision-making, enhance team collaboration, and build resilience. We aim to do this by 
a) Producing tools and resources to improve access to practical tabletop exercising 
b) Providing advice, thought leadership and full-suite consultation to organisations interested in tabletop exercises
c) Encouraging a culture of running organisational games and building a community around tabletop games. 
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  1. The tabletop exercise scenario generation tool is out of Beta testing and ready to spin up ideas for your next exercise. 
  2. The Scenario Trove is a growing repository of generated scenarios that can be searched by: Industry, Risk type, and Our rating on review. You can access summaries of the scenario idea and an extended guide to run-it-yourself.
  3. The Document Library is a growing repository of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), checklists and documents to assist operations for running tabletop exercises. 


In the works

  • We are beginning to playtest an entire tabletop game system as a base for scenarios to be mapped on top of quickly. If you have ever played tabletop role-playing games or are interested in participating at all, drop in the discord to participate and get a peek behind the screen.
  • We are actively looking for EA-aligned organisations to run tabletop exercises for. EA organisations need to exercise more; we are here to help. Please get in touch if you want to discuss any scale and problem set or have us think of one for you!




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