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Free coaching via Zoom. Treats addictions that aren't acutely life-threatening, but that drain your time & money e.g.

  • social media 
  • gaming
  • smoking


  • Save money & time
  • Achieve more
  • Feel better about yourself and more in control of your life

How it works

  • Six thirty-minute sessions, for free. 
  • Continuation thereafter is optional
  • Arranged via Calendly, or for a recurring slot once or twice a week (up to you)

The Coaches

Era's got a BSc in Psychology, and an MSc in Addiction, from King's College London. Lizzy's got a master's in psychology and a certificate in psychotherapy. Both have done ~160 hours of addiction coaching training, passed their final assessment, and are now ready to see real clients. So far, we've had unanimously positive feedback and ~70% retention from the 100+ clients our coaches have seen so far.

What happens in sessions

Session One

  • Tell your coach about you and your situation
  • They'll help you draft a minimum viable plan
  • You attempt to execute it between now and next week

Sessions Two til Five

  • Share your progress or lack thereof
  • Tell them what worked and what didn't
  • Update the plan accordingly
  • Repeat

Session Six

  • Talk about your progress
  • We'll likely give you the option to continue on a paid basis
  • In either case, we'll help you draft a plan to help recover from relapses, and prevent them from happening in the first place


  • Potential downside - they aren't EAs
  • Potential upside - they aren't EAs
  • We don't have magical solutions
    • At least 20% of sign-ups will give up
    • Of those that stay, at least 20% will fail
    • Many of those who succeed will relapse within one year

Promises we make

  • To maintain complete confidentiality
  • To use proven techniques exclusively
  • To be supportive & non-judgemental

Sign up

Free to any Effective Altruist. 7 EA-exclusive places are available immediately. If the results are good, we'll do a monthly cohort of ~20 EAs. You can opt-out at any time, no hard feels. Click here to apply. 




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Resolute proved successful so we've doubled down. 

* more coaches
* dramatically increased training
* more specialists

This is an advert for two such specialists.

Our coaching isn't designed for effective altruists specifically. Rethink Wellbeing is much better positioned than us to offer this type of thing long-term. That being said, I'll keep donating it to EAs so long as we have spare capacity.

Did your experience with behavior change work influence your decision to start focusing particularly on behavioral addiction support? If so, how?

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