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Responses to effective altruism critics

by Ayman1 min read31st Dec 202010 comments



Does anyone know of good articles that respond to effective altruism criticism? Something like William Macaskill’s “aid scepticism and effective altruism”, bearing in mind that I have access to academic journals.

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5 Answers

Hilary Greaves's presentation, The collectivist critique of effective altruism. Like everything by Greaves, it's excellent.

CEA maintains a page of "common objections to effective altruism". It hasn't been updated for a while, but I think it provides reasonable responses to some points that I still see critics make often.

Since you mentioned an article by Will MacAskill as an example, you may be interested in another article of his, The definition of effective altruism, sect. 4 of which discusses a number of "misunderstandings of effective altruism".

Effective Altruism and its Critics, Iason Gabriel, Journal of Applied Philosophy