My positive experience taking the antidepressant Wellbutrin / Bupropion, & why maybe you should try it too

byRobert_Wiblin3mo5th Feb 20192 comments


To help provide useful advice for people dealing with mental health problems in the effective altruism community I've written up my experience trying Wellbutrin / Bupropion to treat mild depression. It starts:

This isn't professional medical advice, it's just my experience and amateur knowledge. I'm an economist not a doctor.


  • I wasn't sure whether I should try antidepressants because I was only mildly depressed, but I gave Bupropion XL a go.
  • It was easy to get, cheap, and I think it enhanced my life a lot.
  • Studies suggest this is a pretty common experience, and Bupropion is likely the best antidepressant for some groups of people to try first.
  • So if you're ever depressed and live in - or can visit - the USA, maybe you should consider taking it too.
  • I note some kinds of people for whom it's probably not the best antidepressant to try first, and link to further research on the topic.

My experience in more detail

A lot of people suffer from depression or low mood and take antidepressants, or wonder whether they should take anti-depressants...

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