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Somebody thinks reducing global poverty would make the consumption of factory farming meat increase. How about improving global health? My own opinion is:

1.If we try to cure to tropical infectious diseases like malaria, then it would probably reduce the poverty of developing countries. 

2.If we try to cure chronic diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer's in rich countries, would it make the meat consumption increase? I'm unsure, maybe increasing humans lifespan would indirectly cause population increasing?  

I don't know how exactly improving global health would cause meat-eater problem, I feel like it's complicated, please share your opinions to the question.




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Very likely so(imo).

But possibly there are other important questions as well relating to the impact of improving global heath. Such as:

"Does improving global health increase innovation"

"Does a faster rate of innovation make a world where large-scale bioengineering helps animal welfare come faster?"(ex. via wild animal welfare, or clean meat)

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