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Do you want to:

  • Live up to your values: become more fulfilled, and productive?
  • Better achieve your personal and career goals?
  • Connect to other community members on a deeper level by going on this journey together?

We [at Rethink Wellbeing] aim to help YOU flourish. 


What we do for you


Jump on a Zoom Call once a week with a carefully chosen peer for 1:1s and a group of 5-8 like-minded EAs with the same goal, guided by a trained facilitator. Share personal experiences, learn with and from each other, and hold each other accountable. Together, you will boost your productivity and well-being by applying proven psychological techniques: 

We pick these techniques because they’ve been shown to be the most effective in increasing resilience, productivity, and quality of life while reducing and protecting against anxiety, depression, and stress—or even symptoms of ADHD. We use a plethora of helpful tools, from online materials to apps and workbooks. Our content is bespoke to the needs, problems, and preferences of effective altruists. Overcome perfectionism, procrastination, existential dread, and other psychological burdens that come with attacking the world’s most pressing issues. 

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How it works

  • We ask you about your needs and preferences.
  • We match you up with an exclusive peer group, tools, and mode of support accordingly. 
  • You meet your peers for 2h/ week for 4-8 weeks to learn new tools, apply them to your life, and share experiences.

In the end, you likely will be a better version of yourself, live up more to your values, and have formed some friendships.

The support groups we are launching are similar, in some ways, to the concept of mastermind groups. If you have left your email on the corresponding post, you will be automatically notified when we launch.


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Places are limited. To avoid missing out, join our waiting list.

  • Our service is free, with no strings attached.
  • We won’t share anything, with anyone, without your explicit consent. 
  • You can quit at any time, no questions asked.



We encourage you to join our Effective Peer Support Network via our Slack. Also, you can find experienced voluntary supporters you can reach out to talk in this table.


Who we are

Core team: 


Our supporters: 


Thank you 

  • Core team, Lucia Purcaru, Salman Maqbool, Branimir Dolicki, Dave Cortright, Justus Baumann, and Simon Newstead who contributed to the grant application. 
  • Lucia Purcaru, Justis Mills, and Branimir Dolicki for providing helpful advice on this post.


Special thanks go to John Salter for 

  • Introducing us to one core team member and one important collaborator. 
  • Contributing the most to every stage of the writing process of this post, as well as the grant application, which secured the funding. 
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How do you operationalize who counts as a member of the EA community? Is it based on self-identity? 

We will likely start with people who already have an EA-aligned job or donate effectively. 

We will add this opportunity to the EA opportunity board!

Thank you, Jessy.

This sounds like a great project, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to updates. :)

Great idea!

Jump on a Zoom Call once a week with a carefully chosen peer for 1:1s and a group of 5-8 like-minded EAs with the same goal

Is this a group program, or one-on-one, or some of each? Is the "carefully chosen peer" matched with you for all 4–8 weeks?

What type or granularity of goal are you referring to?

  • There are different formats: just 1:1, just group, and a combination. 
  • "Carefully chosen peers":  The peers are matched at the beginning and stay within the same group. People can change their group, if they are not entirely comfortable in their current one.
  • Goal granularity:  We have categories of topics (e.g., self-esteem, perfectionism, productivity) but also ask for specific goals people have, i.e., what they would ideally achieve by attending. The type of support they prefer to get from peers will be taken into account as well (e.g. understanding, problem-solving, belonging).

What does 50 FTE mean? Do you mean 50% full time equivalent.

Huh, where does it say that?  (Full-text search on this page for 50  only returns this comment thread.)

Please edit it - I assumed it meant 50 hours a week!

FYI: the Slack invite link is dead.

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