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I made a collaborative art piece at EAG SF! Wanted to create some EA inspiration, so I bought a canvas, bought paint pens, then put out a sign saying

Altruistic Dreams

  • Write or doodle what you hope to accomplish in the world
  • Fill space in the lines (shape was penciled in)
  • Tile different colors

Finished piece

It's a fun glimpse into the priorities of those at EAG. Some are expected, like "align AGI", but there are quite a few creative ones. Generally, the tone is optimistic and it makes me excited for the future. 🙂

Which are your favorites? And what would you have written?

finished piece (contrast boosted)

Process pics

Scroll on to see what it looked like as it came together, plus a bonus pic of me being excited at the end

the prompt


the setup


someone contributing


multiple someones contributing


Sam being happy

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Wow, this is my favourite piece of EA art I've seen so far. It looks really beautiful and the fact that all the phrases are so full of optimism and span such a wide range of areas is incredibly touching. Seeing so many different interests and causes also tracks with my experience of EAs as all having very different interests but all being ultimately united in wanting to do the most good, even though their approaches might be very different. Some of my favourite phrases are: "Save the shrimp", "no more suffering", "immortality", "help AGI become the most kind & loving being", "No more cluster headaches" and of course "turn all matter into hedonium" and "stop factory farming ".

Thanks for making this.

Nice work! Many good hopes in there, but, hard to compete with "make furries real".

This was great fun, and I enjoyed contributing to it!

Which are your favorites?

1. Honestly, I find just the sheer diversity of dreams here really beautiful and inspiring. Each one brings to life a different element of a broadly shared vision, and while most of these point to an immense cosmic wrongness, an intolerable gash in the world, distressing and enraging, it's very motivating to feel part of a serious collective effort to do something about it.

2. Prioritize.

(The irony here is not lost on me. At least on a certain reading - after all, it would be suspicious if each of our opinions on what to prioritise were all exactly the same. I mainly like "Prioritize" for being the most succinct way I've come across to explain EA.)

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