I am feeling lots of feelings and I guess you are too. 

I have been frustrated that lots of the posts over the last few days have either felt emotional in a way that has to be argued around or cold.

So, how do you feel? We aren't going to discuss whether feelings are reasonable or not. We are just gonna express how we feel and listen. Feel free to write from burners.

I sense this space could become too vulnerable, so only comment if you want other people to hear how you feel. We are all adults.

I will delete comments about feelings of a sexual nature. That is not the space I want.

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Fine, basically. Surprised at the degree of emotional investment people seem to have in the EA community as such, above and beyond doing helpful stuff for the world personally. Sounds unpleasant. If I had feelings anywhere near as negative about a community as the ones I'm seeing routinely expressed, I think I'd just stop engaging and go do something else.

I'm shocked at how differently different people feel about the same situation. It's maybe an order of magnitude bigger of a difference than I expected. I'm unsure about what I should do to help everyone's needs be met.

I sense people feel even more strongly and broadly than they are saying fwiw. It's a real hot button complex issue.

I feel good. My personal life and work situation are simultaneously going well for the first time in a while.

As others have mentioned I’m a bit surprised at the community schisms/etc but my overall feeling is gratitude I’m learning more about EA, and staying involved. I love this movement and think it’s one of the most beautiful things the modern western world has produced. I hope we make it to the big leagues :)

Im mostly just depressed about AI progress being so rapid and the 'safety gameboard' being in such a bad state. Im angry at the people who contributed to this terrible situation (which includes a lot of longtermist orgs). 

I am stressed and annoyed and frustrated and sad and moody and self pitying and optimistic. I feel warmth towards the EA community and also a sharp resentment.

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Thanks for posting this. It seems like a useful exercise!

There are periods when I feel kind of drained from all the community drama, plus the terrible state of the AI gameboard, but at other times I feel hopeful or optimistic.