Faunalytics is hiring a Data Analyst & Visual Coordinator! This part time, remote position will play an integral role in bringing new research and visual resources to the animal protection community, ultimately increasing our impact for animals.

Details and how to apply are linked below. The application deadline is August 20th.





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This seems like a great opportunity. It is now live on the EA Opportunity Board!

This sounds interesting, thanks for posting!

I noted that the application is open to candidates in the US or Canada. Is that a strict requirement, or could you make exceptions?

Hello! If folks have U.S. or Canadian identification but live in another country that's not a problem, but otherwise we don't have the administrative/payroll systems in place to hire outside those two countries at this time. As we grow we hope to consider employees outside these countries via an employer of record, but unfortunately we're not able to yet.

Thanks! I completely understand... putting these systems in place can be time-consuming, and the regulations differ for each country.

I hope you'll find great US/Canada candidates!

PS, but only tangentially related: I've recently documented the situation of someone working in Germany for an international organization, at https://blog.purpureus.net/posts/how-to-work-in-germany-for-a-foreign-organization/

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