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I have historically donated to GiveWell or GiveWell-recommended charities, but am becoming convinced of the moral importance and neglectedness of non-human animals, so am thinking to donate somewhere else this year, perhaps to the Wild Animal Initiative.  I live in Australia, where options for tax-deductible EA-focused donations are (to my knowledge) limited to GiveWell-style charities (eg AMF) and movement-building through Effective Altruism Australia.

What I would like is to find someone in a more lenient jurisdiction for tax-deductibility purposes (eg US, parts of Europe) who wants to donate to AMF or similar, and do a 'moral trade' with them where I donate to AMF and they donate to WAI and we both still get tax deductions.

Does anyone know of a system like this, or anyone I should contact to ask about it, or are you open to a trade like this yourself?

Practically, I am looking to donate around AUD50,000.  I will need to pay ~$15,000 in tax if this idea doesn't work out, so it feels worth at least investigating.

Our financial year ends in 8 days on June 30th, so this is time-sensitive.

I'm also open to any other suggestions/advice, and if you are interested in a different pair of charities for the trade I am flexible too.




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[Update 26 Jul '22: the website should be operational again. Sorry again to those inconvenienced!]

I've recently taken over monitoring the donation swaps. There have historically been a handful of offers listed each month, but it looks like the system has broken sometime over the past few weeks - thanks to Oscar below for emailing to bring this to our attention. I'm sorry for the inconvenience for anyone who has been trying to use the service and will hopefully provide a further update in the not-too-distant future!

Great, thanks Caleb!
Lorenzo Buonanno
Very happy to hear the project is still active! Thank you so much for picking this up!

Thanks, I had no idea!  Early signs are that it is not active, but I will update this if I hear otherwise.

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