I met a person in charge of a $100m fund. They weren't sure how they were going to assess impact of the projects they would fund. I suggested I could put them in touch with some people in the funding sphere who would have good advice. Do you know anyone like that? Could you introduce me such that I could put the two people in touch. Message me privately for more details.

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Nice one! There are a few strong options but would need more info to give a decent suggestion, hard to say just based on the above, drop me an email at [myusername] @gmail.com and probably happy to put you in touch with some people. I’d generally advise erring against discussing potential major donors on a public forum.

Out of interested why do you think it's bad to discuss publicly?

I would suggest to get in touch with these guys: http://www.legacies-now.com/en.

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What does it mean to have a fund dedicated to "internet monetization"? Are they trying to make grants to organizations that help online creators find financial support for their projects?