The below message was forwarded to me from colleagues and seems like it might be of interest, particularly as an opportunity to shape policies and priorities:


Is there an area or issue in STEM that you wish the Government would act on?

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee is currently running an open call for suggestions for the topic of their next inquiry. It is an exciting opportunity to influence the agenda of the Committee, responsible for scrutinising Government science policy and ensuring that Government decision-making is based on solid scientific evidence and advice.

The 'My Science Inquiry' initiative invites 200-word proposals on what the Committee should investigate next and why, including what action is needed from Government. Up to 10 individuals will be invited to pitch their proposal to MPs on the Committee in a broadcast public session. The winning proposal will form the basis of a new inquiry by the Committee.

The Committee is seeking ideas for inquiries from the science, research and innovation communities as well as the wider public. It particularly wants to hear from members of underrepresented groups in STEM.

* Read more about the guidelines for submissions:

* Submit a 200-word proposal:

* Watch a video explaining the selection process:

* Join the conversation on Twitter using #MyScienceInquiry:





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Great to see people promoting engaging with the HoC Science and Technology committee on this forum!

Hardly anyone outside of specialist bodies and lobbying groups really bother with the HoC committees despite their really significant impact on the legislative agenda. You can have an outsized impact just by responding to their public calls.

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