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A colleague asked me for suggestions of female speakers in the EA sphere for their high-profile colloquium in Washington DC (not sure if I can disclose the institution, & not sure if it's in person or virtual). This may be a terrific opportunity for both this person & the EA movement. Who would you recommend?




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Rachel Glennester is excellent. In so far as I know them, I'd trust her views on the effectiveness of development policy. She did great things as the UK Chief Economist for the Development department. She is a GWWC member and has talked at an ea conference in the. I'm not sure but I think she might now be in the US.

Thanks!! She looks perfect, and it wasn't obvious from her professional page that she was EA, so this was a great find - I've suggested her name.

Or Ester Duflo obviously great and also sensible views on development

Thanks! She talked there last year or the year before... But just out of curiosity, are you saying that she is an effective altruist? This didn't seem obvious to me in previous exchanges with her...
I don't know that she'd call herself an effective altruist, but if you just want someone to talk about doing effective development spending then I'm not sure that it matters...
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It's hard to know who to suggest without knowing anything about the audience or topic

sorry for the lack of context! In this case, it's a series of  talks from external researchers, and the topic has to be something relevant to developmental economics, but no other specific topic otherwise. 

DM'd with two suggestions :) 

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