I'll be pinning this detailed timeline, as my final piece covering this topic, as now the case is closed in my mind. 

This was a crime plain and simple and I'll put no more wind in this criminals sails: 

FTX: Meltdown. 

The definitive and chronological thread.

Adam Cochran, a prominent voice from crypto Twitter, gives a detailed account of the FTX meltdown that exposes the lies and wrongdoing of SBF and Caroline Ellison using blockchain analysis. Also on Threadreader.




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[Meta] This 82-tweet long  thread seems like a relatively good use for Thread Reader; perhaps the link can be added to the main post?

[meta: when I click the link at the top  it goes to Twitter's "something went wrong" page. Refreshing the page then loads the link however. Seems like a bug in the forum linking? This link seems to work though?]

Fine on chrome for me

It works fine for me.
Does it happen consistently or only some times? It might be something off with Twitter

Consistently on Chrome, but it works on Firefox. Maybe it's a cache issue or something? (I mainly use Chrome and don't use Firefox much)

Thanks for bringing it up in any case! Let's see if others are affected