Today I am launching What Future World?, a blog and community project to develop a detailed view of an ideal future world and the strategy for achieving it, in no small part by growing the AI Governance community in size and diversity.

There are three introductory posts: What is 'What Future World?'?, WFW?: Opportunity and Theory of Impact, and WFW?: Principles, that introduce the project in <30 mins of reading time. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to digest that material before critically engaging, but I will take all of the feedback I can get and will reply to all comments, even if the information sought is already provided. I will be crossposting WFW?: Opportunity and Theory of Impact in full imminently as it presents the core arguments that I want to test with this community.

My hope is that you agree with my mission and approach, and value the content I produce highly enough that you share it outside of the core AI Governance/EA community. If you disagree or don't find it valuable, I'd greatly appreciate your feedback.