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I've only done minimal research on this, but I'm pretty confident that a Biden presidency would be much better for the world than a Trump one.

I'm unsure about the marginal impact of a donation to the Biden campaign though, especially given that he seems to have raised a lot of money as of late (link).

So, do you think donations to the Biden campaign, now or in the future, are cost effective donation opportunities?

Relatedly, should we be volunteering for the Biden campaign?

You might also see the Candidate Scoring System, although I doubt it applies much post-primary.




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I do think there is an excellent case to be made that preventing the re-election of Trump is strongly aligned with effective altruist priorities. I suspect there are more cost-effective ways of pursuing that objective than the Biden campaign itself, however. I am in the process of setting up a donor circle to explore these issues as a group; if you're interested in joining, please feel free to email ian@iandavidmoss.com for more info.

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I believe that some EAs did phone-banking for Hillary Clinton in 2016, possibly including Rob Wiblin, but I'm not sure about the details or whether Rob was actually involved.

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