Shoot Your Shot

by evelynciara 1 min read18th Feb 20206 comments


Yesterday, I decided to try promoting effective altruism.

I've been a teacher for Splash at Cornell in the past, and this semester, I signed up to teach a class introducing the basic concepts of EA. The target audience is middle and high school students. I'm trying to make the class interactive and talk about EA in a gentle, open-minded way.

I've also talked to the House Council at my dorm about running EA-themed events, possibly with the EA club at Cornell.

My issue is that I'm overly anxious about how other students perceive EA, and by extension, how they'll perceive me if they know I'm an effective altruist. Most of my friends have neutral or positive opinions of EA, but one of my friends told me she thinks that EA ignores justice. Also, just yesterday, one of the folks I talked to about EA hadn't heard of it at all. I'm curious about how well-known EA is relative to its detractors. But also, most of the articles bashing EA are quite old and quite bad.

I don't know how well any of this will be received, but as they say around Valentine's Day, you gotta shoot your shot.