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Hi there, 

sooo I'm going to London this year and it's going to be my first EAG ever. I've been to some EAGxs in the past, but I suppose EAG is going to be a bit more intense. 
Any tips and tricks on how to prepare? I'm definitely on a learning/receiving end. I know what I want to achieve during the conference and what topics I need to talk about. Still, maybe somebody experienced would be able to share some tips and tricks on how to squeeze the most value possible from this opportunity.




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Hey Liv,

Here are a couple of things I can think about (though I would say preparing for an EAG is very similar to preparing for an EAGx) - maybe I'll see you there? :)

Hi Liv :) 
Look at the swap card user database well in advance, identify who you want to talk to, and book meetings early with them (particularly if they are recruiters or mid-senior career professionals). Take notes during the meeting so you know what you talked about. Get an email for follow-up actions if there are any. I don't remember meetings after so I rely on the other person to follow up unless it's me asking them for help. I also stake a table near a meeting point so I don't have to find people and do walking coffee meetings or form a fetching coffee alliance with friend/husband.  
 These are basically just professional opportunities for me so I pack in a lot of meetings, get 8 hours of sleep, and stay 2 days after the conference ends if I want to see friends. I am also old, and boring, and these are part of my job so your mileage may vary :) You are welcome to hit me up if you'd like a friendly face and recommendations of people to meet!

One simple thing that makes my conferences go better (when I remember to do it): bring a pen and a notebook or notepad. You'll be having a lot of conversations where you'll want to take notes, and trying to use a screen for that is (in my experience) much more distracting (for you and the other person) than writing notes by hand.

I'd also recommend something like a 3:1 "content to break time" ratio. For every three half-hour meetings or talks you schedule, give yourself half an hour of free time to rest, process your notes, send follow-up messages, etc.

Hi Liv! I'd just second everything everyone else said and add in that I've found EAG's very similar to EAGx's with the main difference that the attendees generally are further down the 'EA pipeline' (tend to be older, in careers based on EA principles) in case that helps :) 

I'll also be there so happy to be a friendly face and help out in any way if you want!

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