Ozy Brennan is a long-time participant in effective altruism who has a blog called Thing of Things. (It was formerly a WordPress blog but Ozy began blogging on Substack in 2021.) I've always appreciated posts about effective altruism from Things of Things because of Ozy's relatively unique perspective having:

  • lived in conservative areas in the United States but also more liberal places like the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • been someone in the rationality community and social justice movements in addition to effective altruism.
  • worked professionally as a researcher on wild animal welfare for 6 years but has also followed literature in development economics and long-termism as well.

This understanding of different worldviews both within and outside of EA has lent itself to Ozy presenting different parts of EA to a broad cross-section of readers, and to present the priorities of other worldviews to the EA community in more legible ways. Here is a sample of some of Ozy's posts about EA on Thing of Things:




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Seconded, I'm also very fond of Brennan's writing on animal welfare. This quick, simple piece in particular:


Oh, thanks, I've added it to the post as another recommended blog post. I just did a keyword search for 'effective altruism' on Thing of Things and linked to a few of the posts that looked the most approachable for a new reader. There could be a lot of EA-related content on there that doesn't have the phrase 'EA' in it.

I think your EA dedicates link should point to: https://thingofthings.substack.com/p/ea-dedicates

Thanks for catching that! I've fixed it.