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What opportunities are there to use data science in global priorities research?

by evelynciara1 min read18th Aug 20202 comments


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Thanks to some recent posts on the EA Forum and 80,000 Hours blog, I've started exploring global priorities research (GPR) as an alternative career path. I'm interested in doing GPR as a data scientist using machine learning and related techniques to analyze datasets. How much demand for data science is there in GPR? What kinds of opportunities are there?

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Hello Evelyn

At ALLFED we are wanting to use available data sources from UN, risk agencies and others to highlight vulnerability, exposure, risk and missing recovery capacity in food systems 18-24 months ahead, which gives time to build some capacity on a preparedness basis.

There is other data work to do which Prof David Denkenberger could tell you about.

Would you be interested to have a call about this?

Ray Taylor

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If you haven't already, I'd reach out directly to GPR organizations and mention that you're interested in applying your skillset to their work. They might be able to provide you with some concrete examples and a better idea of what's available in the field.