I recently did some self-study in infectious disease modelling. This was funded by the Long-Term Future Fund, so I'm making available my notes (here) and related Anki cards (here), in case they are useful.[1] I recommend this series of blogposts by Bruno Gonçalves as a particularly useful overview (h/t Jonas Sandbrink for the suggestion). For more detail, I based most of the notes on the set of courses in this Imperial College London Coursera specialisation, which I also recommend (you can audit it and watch all videos for free). 

The funding also allowed me to write an entry on pandemic-proof PPE for the University of Chicago's Market Shaping Accelerator and read up on technical interventions in biosecurity more generally, though I didn't make detailed notes. To make up for that, here's a larger Anki collection that covers the bulk of my bio-risk related cards (here). 

I apologise that some of them may not make much sense out of context. I should note that I've found flashcards much more helpful when I make them myself. However, it's obviously more efficient to benefit from others' distillation. You can decide how to balance that tradeoff. I agree with others in being keen to see more flashcard resources shared on the forum. 


  1. ^

    Let me know if you have issues - I haven't shared Anki cards before.




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