Here's a project I'm willing to fund myself, but I need to find the right person to hire.  "Investigative journalist" probably describes the skillset.  The project, briefly, is this:

I always get annoyed at election time when I can't find even basic information about candidates for things like Superior Court judges or the water district.  So I'd like to pay a journalist to do basic research into each race and issue on the ballot, producing a non-partisan ballot guide we can put online for everyone's benefit.  

If that gets enough positive attention, then it could scale up and become a sort of bounty-based ballotpedia where people all over the US can put up cash to fund a ballot guide for where they live, and the journalism is all held to a high standard of neutrality and quality.

So most of the work is researching the ballot, but there's also a technical component if the project takes off: hosting the guides and building the bounty payment system.




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Ballot Ready ( has useful information for at least some candidates.  I don't know how much of the US they cover.

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