Today I published the first podcast episode in a series titled "Should I donate and if so, how much?".  The podcast, "Gutes Einfach Tun", is aimed at a German speaking audience that is rather unfamiliar with EA. If you  aren't new to EA, the episodes might be entertaining, but I doubt you'll learn a lot in the first two parts of this series. 
If you are rather unfamiliar with moral philosophy, then the third one might be interesting for you (see content below).

You can listen to the episode on spotify, apple podcast, google podcast or via anchor.

Quick content-overview:

In the first episode, I introduce the "great contradiction", that Peter Singer pointed out:
 many people believe (i) that we should prevent misery and death, if doing so doesn't cause us to sacrifice something of significant moral importance, 
 (ii) that we could save lives merely by refraining from luxuries and (iii) that we don't have any obligations to give money to charity.  

In the second and third episode, I explore the three ways to resolve this contradiction using both arguments and stories. Specifically, I will tell the stories of Toby Ord and two other GWWC members: Denise Melchin and Felix Werdermann.

In the last episode, I'll talk to the moral philosopher Stefan Riedener, who completed his PhD under Hillary Greaves and John Broome about decision-making under moral uncertainty. We talked about 

- the most prominent ethical theories, 
- the plausibility of (i) and (iii) in light of these theories, 
- decision making under moral uncertainty and
- obligations to give in light of moral uncertainty

 I might be biased, but I think this was a pretty cool interview.

Release Dates:
The second episode will be released next week, the third in the week after that. 

Feedback  is appreciated!




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