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We offered free behavior change coaching for EAs, but one problem predominated - procrastination. In hindsight, it's not surprising. 

Base rate: 20% of the population are chronic procrastinators. 
Risk factors: youth, studying or working at university, ADHD, depression, anxiety. 

Obvious problems that procrastination causes us:

  • Work gets rushed
  • More time spent on less impactful (but less scary) things
  • More deadlines missed

I think the majority of the harm, though, is less obvious:

To address this, we're going to create a new service exclusively focused on addressing procrastination. 

  • Four free sessions, 30-45 minutes each, via Zoom, over one fortnight.
    • ~50% of users report a >50% reduction in procrastination by the end
    • Caveat: n =~15
  • If you really like your coach and want to continue, you can keep them for ~$30 per session thereafter (all profits going to fund mental health interventions within EA or LMICs)
  • Rapid turnaround: we expect to get in touch within 48Hs of you completing the form, and have appointments available within one week of form completion. 

Damn, that sounds epic, how come it's free?!

Philanthropic funding + most of our coaches are volunteers. In return for being taught how to coach people effectively for free, they offer free coaching/therapy to our clients).

Sign me up!

Click here (~60 seconds form). We have the capacity for ~60 clients. We'll prioritize based on severity and other factors, if in doubt please apply!)




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Who is "we" - is this part of an org or project?

It's a project of Overcome, indisputably the world's greatest mental health charity (I'm not biased)

This sounds really impactful - love the focus, the speed, the capacity and the cost.

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