RC Forward, a platform enabling Canadians to support impactful charitable projects recommended by EA-aligned evaluators, has been undergoing significant operational changes. The platform just surpassed $23 million CAD in donations facilitated since it launched in 2017. 

RC Forward has faced significant challenges this year due to external events in Canada outside of its control. In light of these changes, RC Forward conducted a detailed review of its operations, and based on its findings is currently strengthening its processes and partnerships as a Canadian charity. During this transition period there have been two key changes impacting partner organizations and donors: 

  1. Delayed disbursements: Donations made Q4 2022 onwards are experiencing delays compared to the platform’s typical disbursement schedule. 
  2. Donation collection pause: RC Forward has temporarily halted the acceptance of new donations for most projects as part of these adjustments. 

The full update was published on the RC Forward website in late July. It shares more information about the delays, the donation pause, and what we are doing to support our partner charities through these changes. 

All impacted donors should already have received communication from us via email in late July or early August. If you haven’t heard from us and you made a donation to RC Forward after September 2022, it’s possible our email couldn’t be delivered to you. Please email us at donation@rethinkprojects.org or book a call if a conversation would be helpful for you.

Our team is very grateful for the support we’ve received during these changes. Individuals in the Canadian and international effective altruism community, along with our partners, stakeholders, and donors, have offered generous patience, trust, and feedback. Through this post on the Forum, we aim to apprise the broader community of these changes. 

The RC Forward team is focused on navigating these changes, and will be updating stakeholders as we make progress in the coming months. We remain committed to our mission of making effective giving easy for Canadians, so that they can maximize the positive impact of their charitable giving.




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