My name is Megan Jamer, I live in Canada and I’m a volunteer at Rethink Charity and ALLFED. I’m also a co-organizer of EA Giving Tuesday.


How to find good 1-1 conversations at EAGx Virtual

Interesting to hear about the flexible take you already had on video/audio. Thanks for the response and for editing the post!

How to find good 1-1 conversations at EAGx Virtual

Hi Aidan, thanks for the great tips! I read this after the conference, so I’ll have to use some of them next time. “Dive down the rabbit holes of passion” is a fantastic phrase.

Do you have thoughts on mentioning the option for audio-only calls to people you’re wanting to chat with, in case that would make them more comfortable and/or willing to meet in the first place? I for one have only recently gotten over some of my nerves surrounding video calls with new people. Now I find them engaging, but sometimes distracting as well.

During the conference, I wondered if some people find face-to-face networking daunting, and would appreciate the option—for them perhaps an additional benefit of a virtual conference—to choose how and when they use video. I think going forward I’ll offer the option to people I’m connecting with (for them and for me).

Hope you had a great conference!