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My name is Megan Jamer. I live in Canada, and I like to spend time outdoors. I work at Rethink Charity (mainly on RC Forward and EA Giving Tuesday) and at ALLFED. My work is primarily on communications projects, but I also do a bit of operations work.


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Thank you for writing this, and to everyone who worked hard to make these EAGx conferences happen!

Oh this is such a lovely post. Thank you for the wonderful mix of data, anecdotes, pictures, and writing. In particular, the personalities of community members really shone through. Congratulations on all of your accomplishments so far, and best wishes for 2023!
Small thing: the table of "favourite community members" is displaying very tall and narrow for me.

Hi David! I apologize for the very slow response. A few points: 
- Your analysis makes me upgrade how important I think diligent time tracking is on this project in future years, segmented by e.g., 'managerial and tech time' vs 'volunteer/student time'
- I don't have a go-to answer for you on the time costs for EA GT 2021. We had 2 Ops Specialists (Aisha and Mac) each work ~200 paid hours; I worked about 350 paid hours (including hiring and training); Avi worked probably a few hundred volunteer hours (including hiring and training); Gina and a few others worked a small amount of volunteer hours. 
- Can the project's time costs decrease via "learn by doing?" I am somewhat optimistic about this. But it's tricky because historically, new people have had to be trained on the systems and context every year. So processes can be improved, but a big thing is getting the same people to contribute to the project year after year. And this is tough, because it's uncertain the project will run any given year, and it's only seasonal. Ideally, the "institutional knowledge" would sit at an EA org (ideally, with the same people) over the long term. 
- Thanks again for your BOTEC, I enjoyed reading it and I imagine it has helped folks in the community evaluate the projects' value. 

I appreciate that - thanks! I have worked a lot on it. A lot of the credit goes to my great EA GT teammates, in present and past years. 

Hi David! At present, there's no funding secured. That said, the project has received funding in past years. I'm relatively confident (70-80%) that for the right org/individual, there are a few different funding sources that would consider funding it. 

Thanks for taking the time to complete and share a first-pass assessment, David! I'll follow up with a bit more info when I'm able.

Hi! Great idea. I'm Megan, I work in communications at Rethink Charity and at ALLFED. I'd love to be in the group, although I don't have a lot of capacity to contribute to it over the next few months. Thanks!

Hello Chloe. I'm also an early career communications generalist who likes running, vegan cooking, and living abroad. Happy to chat about my experiences with any of these, or with working at EA orgs! (I work at Rethink Charity and at ALLFED). My email is megan@rethinkprojects.org. Enjoy the EA Forum! 

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