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Recently the organising team led by Megan Jamer posted on the EA Forum that EA Giving Tuesday might hibernate unless someone picked up the project. We are pleased to tell you that Giving What We Can and One For The World have volunteered to take on the management of EA Giving Tuesday for 2022, albeit in a limited capacity.

(For more context on EA Giving Tuesday there is  in-depth information on the website, and in the EA Giving Tuesday 2020 retrospective.)

Both GWWC and OFTW felt that it would be a shame for the community and for effective nonprofits if we did not run EA Giving Tuesday in 2022, so we were determined to find a way to pick up the project. Both organisations have small teams, and with the limited time we have left before the end of November, we unfortunately aren't able to support the project at its previous scale.

We have decided to cut down on activities that had required a large amount of time from an operational perspective, and this has two significant consequences:

  1. We will only be directly supporting roughly 25% of the charities/funds that were available last year
  2. We will not be undertaking significant testing and revision of the donation strategy

We know that this means that far fewer EA aligned charities will be supported through EA Giving Tuesday 2022, and we thought hard about what was the best path forward, but ultimately felt that it was better to support a limited number of charities than not have the project run at all.

We also understand that there is a risk that the strategy may not be as effective as in other years, but from some early testing it looks like last year's strategy may hold up for 2022.

GWWC and OFTW think that there is a reasonable chance that even with a scaled down project, we could still move a similar amount of money to last year (assuming Meta’s available funds and rules remain the same).

Over the coming weeks we will be updating the EA Giving Tuesday website and, once Meta announces the match, we’ll be providing further instructions.

If you’d like to participate in EA Giving Tuesday this year, sign up for email updates:

Sign up here! 


If we are successful again in 2022, both GWWC and OFTW look forward to figuring out how we can efficiently scale the project back up for 2023.


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Thanks to GWWC and OFTW for taking on this project! It's great to see the results of the entire community's efforts (making Giving Tuesday feel like an EA holiday) and that can only happen with central organizing.

For newcomers, if you're a typical US-based donor (giving ~$20k or so per year), making your donations via Facebook on Giving Tuesday each year is a great way to increase your impact. See: EAs Should Invest All Year, then Give only on Giving Tuesday.

I tried reaching out to contact@eagivingtuesday.org with the following, but never got a response…

“Hello EA Giving Tuesday Team,

I've been reading through the site & getting a better idea of how you work this each year. Based on past efforts it looks like the matching isn't just limited to the FB listed organizations in the usual Fundraiser search section, which is good news.

But for the upcoming Giving Tuesday 2022, I really want to know if you can include Giving Multiplier as an organization donation option? It is an EA organization, but it wasn't listed in the 2021 orgs. Site: https://givingmultiplier.org/ FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/GivingMultiplier/

I want to try to maximize my donation this year by donating through FB matching on Giving Tuesday, by using new credit cards with high intro cash-back bonuses, by checking if my company can also match my donation, and by donating to Giving Multiplier for a higher potential multiplier from additional new EA donors.

Is Giving Multiplier an organization you can include in this year's lineup?”

There should be a way to set this up to 3-4.5x most donations. (https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/BFbNymbn4ukmKWHrX/donation-multiplier-stacking-directing-1-2x-to-9-9x-more)

Hi Tyler, I saw your email but I'm just having some technical issues responding via the tech stack we have set up at the moment, am hoping to resolve very soon! It looks like Giving Multiplier aren't current set up to receive donations via Facebook so this would mean that we can't include them for now - if they get this set up, then we would be happy to include them. 

Sorry for the delay in responding, I'm working on this project on top of my normal work for GWWC and this is already the busiest period of the year for me.


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