This year’s Giving Tuesday was quite different from previous years. Giving What We Can and One For The World were already running a pared-down version of EAGT due to the change in ownership of the project, and once the rules for 2022 were announced, the project was essentially put on hold. Unfortunately, unlike previous years we do not have a retrospective demonstrating impact, instead, we (OFTW and GWWC) are advising that EAGT should be fully hibernated for future years.

Here are the high-level details of this year’s match:

“To help nonprofits jumpstart their Giving Season fundraising, Meta will match your donors’ recurring donation 100% up to $100 in the next month (up to $100,000 per organization and up to $7 million in total across all organizations). All new recurring donors who start a recurring donation within November 15 - December 31, 2022 are eligible. Read the terms and conditions.

The reasons for hibernating the project include:

  • Smaller potential impact due to new donor limits (previously to a single charity you could do $20k/donor, now only $100/donor).
  • The matching seems to be more of a lottery than first come first serve, so coordination makes less sense (More details per Will Kiely’s comment here; lots of thanks to Will for all his help!)
  • Recurring donations being necessary and potentially indefinite (making the match actually 50% since the second donation is the one being matched), placing strain on regranting.


If the rules were to change for future Giving Tuesdays or another matching opportunity comes up that seems to be a good candidate for coordination, GWWC and OFTW would be happy to facilitate volunteers to work on the project, given there is sufficient demand for it. We will archive the work that was done in previous years and can make it available to community members on request.

We encourage community members to share donation matching opportunities on the EA Forum, and other spaces where donations get discussed. Giving What We Can tries to share counterfactual donation matching opportunities for effective charities through our normal communication channels.

We’d like to thank everyone who organized and participated in EA Giving Tuesday over the years. It's been wonderful to see the community come together to raise money for effective charities.


Thank you for your support,

- The EA Giving Tuesday Team





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I'm sad to see EA Giving Tuesday go, it was really cool to have a community holiday like this, but I think you're right that it's not worth it anymore. Kudos on shutting down the project when it no longer made sense to run.

I really like the togetherness aspect of things like EA Giving Tuesday and Project for Awesome. I really wish we could find more things, maybe 2-4 a year, that can intentionally bring the entire EA community together.

I feel like Effective Giving day could fill the void left by EA Giving Tuesday, I liked the first edition!

There were several live events all around the world and a nice online space in gather town

Yes, I'd love to make this a bigger thing. I wish there was a way to turn it into more of an activity, like Petrov Day. Petrov Day is stressful, but it's lots of fun and it's so in your face that you basically have to participate (assuming you are a >1 per day forum checker like me, which I hear is actually only like 5% of forum users with accounts).

Thank you for working on this - like Ben and Peter I really appreciated its existence, and the way it brought the community together. Thank you also for making the tough decision to put it into hibernation, and letting us know that was happening.  

By the way: is EAGT still going to hibernate for 2023? (Makes sense if so, just checking!) I can't tell if there is going to be a matching fund via Facebook this year at all.

The project is continuing to hibernate for 2023!

Thanks, both!

Hi, I’m off the project now, but to my knowledge it is still hibernating (unless otherwise announced I think it will be, and I believe such an effort would be contingent on a serious matching funds opportunity).

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