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  • Here is an example of an EA organisation using Data Science tools to solve a problem (Here, they've done some analysis and they are visualising it with Tableau):


    Does anyone know of any more examples of EA orgs doing analysis outside of Excel Spreadsheets/Google Sheets - using e.g. Guesstimate, Jupyter Notebook etc?

Faunalytics is an animal advocacy charity and one of ACE’s top charities. They summarize and interpret a lot of academic research, as well as conducting their own research including full data analyses. I volunteered with them a few years ago and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn research, writing, or data analysis skills. They’re also really good about doing transparent and reproducible research by releasing the code they use.

Here’s a recent article conducting a data analysis of 15 years of data on wildlife trade: https://faunalytics.org/wildlife-imports/

Here’s the main data analysis I worked on, analyzing Faunalytics’ proprietary polling data on animal welfare attitudes. We released the data, a writeup of the methodology, and all the code for the analysis on OSF: https://osf.io/2b86k/

I do not know of other examples but I would be interested in knowing the data use/needs of EA organizations