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Obv disclaimer: not a tax adviser.

Seems like yes based on this ( and according to this ( the recent stimulus bill increased the limit for 2021 to 25% of corporate taxable income (instead of the normal 10%).

Terrific.  Thanks for this info!  Looks like I can do up to 25% this year (although less in a typical year).

Many businessmen use this trick to avoid paying a part of their tax. It is a nice trick, especially now, when the prices are skyrocketing and new taxes are being imposed. 
All my financial papers have always been as clear as possible, and I even use online tools to make each check stub I give to my workers clean and understandable. It also helps me keep track of all my income, taxes that I have to pay, and the overtime pay that I have to pay to my employees. This is an important document because it a proof of income, and my employees can use it to take a loan from a bank.