[Creative Writing Contest] An AI Safety Limerick

by Ben_West1 min read18th Oct 20215 comments


Creative Writing ContestAI alignment

An AI sat boxed in a room 

Said Eliezer: "This surely spells doom! 

With self-improvement recursive, 

And methods subversive 

It will just simply go 'foom'."

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EA is a movement quite rational

with three simple lessons extractable:

The goals they selected,

weren't only neglected,

but also important and tractable!

. . .

There once was a program designed

To benefit all of mankind

But then as it learned

it treacherously turned,

What a shame that it wasn't aligned.

. . .

It's important that nobody has heard

of some dangerous new infohazards.

So you're lucky this time,

that "hazard" won't rhyme,


These are excellent

The last one 🤣

[The clean limerick is a] periodic fad and object of magazine contests, rarely rising above mediocrity. - G.B. Shaw

However, given how few people read poetry for fun at present, we expect that poetry will have to be especially good to win. - Aaron Gertler

Who can forget Frank Lantz' ditty about alignment and orthogonality from the clicker game "Universal Paperclips"?

There was an AI made of dust,

Whose poetry gained it man's trust,

If is follows ought,

It'll do what they thought.

In the end we all do what we must.