Haven't seen this posted and would be curious to hear people's thoughts. This suggests pausing all frontier AI development except for one organization. 

"World leaders are calling for the establishment of an international institution to deal with the threat of AGI: a ‘CERN’ or ‘IAEA for AI’...

MAGIC (the Multilateral AGI Consortium) would be the world’s only advanced and secure AI facility focused on safety-first research and development of advanced AI. Like CERN, MAGIC will allow humanity to take AGI development out of the hands of private firms and lay it into the hands of an international organization mandated towards safe AI development.

MAGIC would have exclusivity when it comes to the high-risk research and development of advanced AI. It would be illegal for other entities to independently pursue AGI development. This would not affect the vast majority of AI research and development, and only focus on frontier, AGI-relevant research, similar to how we already deal with dangerous R&D with other technologies. Research on engineering lethal pathogens is outright banned or confined to very high biosafety level labs. At the same time, the vast majority of drug research is instead supervised by regulatory agencies like the FDA.

MAGIC will only be concerned with preventing the high-risk development of frontier AI systems - godlike AIs. Research breakthroughs done at MAGIC will only be shared with the outside world once proven demonstrably safe.

To make sure high risk AI research remains secure and under strict oversight at MAGIC, a global moratorium on creation of AIs using more than a set amount of computing power be put in place (here’s a great overview of why computing power matters). This is similar to how we already deal with uranium internationally, the main resource used for nuclear weapons and energy.

Without competitive pressures, MAGIC can ensure the adequate safety and security needed for this transformative technology, and distribute the benefits to all signatories. CERN exists as a precedent for how we can succeed with MAGIC."




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The key missing component here is getting buy-in from the major actors - countries and companies - not the specific solution getting proposed.

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