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Apply to join the EAGxIndia 2023, the Future Forum and the EAGxBerkeley 2023 teams. The application takes 15 minutes and the deadline is Tuesday May 31st at 11:59pm Pacific Time. We are also seeking (separate application) volunteers to run EAGxSingapore 2022. 

Apply now!

About the conferences

Future Forum 2022

The Future Forum is a 4-day event running in San Francisco from August 4-7th 2022. We are concentrating 250 promising individuals from across communities there; drawing from Effective Altruism, Emergent Ventures, Silicon Valley tech, Progress Studies, and more. We want to arm many more of the world's brightest minds with the tools they need to tackle global problems, be it funding or great mentors.

We believe the Forum can become a highly impactful event in this space. In our early stages, the Future Forum and surrounding community accelerated 20+ highly promising individuals through e.g. the EA ecosystem and Emergent Ventures, and led to the creation of 10+ start-ups and projects. For the main event, our first round of speakers & supporters includes, among others, Holden Karnofsky, Anders Sandberg, Daniela Amodei and Ed Boyden.

We are looking for more ops support to make this event happen well, with the core of work in June and July 2022. We are also excited about Event Leads who have organized a mid-to-large-scale conference before.

EAGxIndia 2023

This is the first ever EAGx conference in India and will likely take place in early 2023. EAGxIndia will have about 200-300 attendees, primarily aimed at community members based in India, with up to 100 attendees for other groups, and also EA-adjacent Indian organizations that might contribute to and benefit from attending the conference. 

This event will be more introductory than other EAGx’s, and the content will also be more targeted at addressing gaps that Indian members struggle with in EA such as localized career advice through career workshops, cause-specific career lightning talks and more. 

CEA has approved funding for this event and it is led by Anubhuti Jain and Pratik Agarwal, who are currently working on community building in India. 

EAGxBerkeley 2023

EAG SF is great for engaged community members but there are fewer ways for newer EAs to get involved with the EA community in the Bay Area, despite a fairly high awareness of EA in the area. I think an EAGx would be a good way to bring such people into the movement, and think it would have positive effects strengthening Bay Area university groups (such as UC Berkeley, Stanford and others).

The application for EAGxBerkeley is run by me (Vaidehi Agarwalla) to help coordinate people interested in running this event, but I will not be taking on a leading role. Note: CEA has not yet approved this event but they have encouraged us to apply for funding. We will apply for funding once we have a team.  

These roles are a good fit for someone who:

  • Wants to test their fit for event management, operations and community building
  • Depending on team structure:
    • Has the capacity to take on 5-10 hours of flexible work per week leading up to the conference
    • Is able to work full- or near-fulltime 2 weeks before the conference
  • Could be good fits for any of the following (specific needs will vary based on the location)
    • Strategy (Goals, Metrics)
    • Project management (Budgeting, Team lead, Evaluation
    • Production (Venue, Catering, AV, Health & Safety)
    • Admissions (Application review, Stewardship)
    • Content (Speaker Selection & Liaison, Swapcard Manager)
    • Communications (Emails, Marketing, PR, Website)
  • Is organized, reliable, and handles crisis situations well

You don't have to be super qualified, just capable and enthusiastic. 

Role logistics

  • Pay: All positions are paid, exact compensation will vary by event. EAGx organizers are paid the standard CEA contractor rate, read more here.
  • Location
    • The EAGxBerkeley and India roles are mostly remote—you don’t have to be based in India or the Bay. You’ll likely be expected to attend 1-2 pre-event retreats and a requirement that all core team members are in-person at least 1 week before the event. All else equal we would prefer to have people in similar timezones for better coordination.
    • The Future Forum would prefer in-person roles, in June and July, based in the Bay Area. They can compensate some of the travel cost.
  • Team structure: Team structures are very flexible and depend on the applicants we get and their strengths.

Apply now!

The application is for EAGxIndia, Berkeley & the Future Forum and takes 15 minutes and the deadline is Tuesday May 31st at 11:59pm Pacific Time. 

Volunteers for EAGxSingapore 2022

EAGxSingapore will run from September 2nd-4th, with 200-300 attendees targeted at people in the Asia Pacific Region. The organizing team for EAGxSingapore has already been finalized but they are looking for volunteers to help support the event from. Apply here if you’re interested in volunteering, this application has a rolling deadline. 


If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment or email us:






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Is the application form "EAGxBerkeley, India & Future Forum Organizing Team Expression of Interest" supposed to have questions asking about whether you're interested in organizing the Future Forum? I don't see any; I only see questions about EAGxBerkeley and EAGxIndia.

Yes i just added it - thanks for the flag! 

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