Hi EA Community,

Just seeing if anyone was working in or knew people working in the Carbon Policy Space. Specifically, we are starting to see more regulations and policies in developing countries which will reduce investment into carbon projects in these places.

From an EA standpoint, this would reduce both carbon projects with the effect of more carbon in the atmosphere and all that comes with it. As well as from a development perspective where there will be less FDI going into these countries which could be a very strong part of their export income in future years as/if the carbon markets pick up.

So ideally, looking for organisations that are interested in the policy space and would be able to help with recommendations and coordination around these lobbying efforts. I've talked to people at UNFCCC and World Bank and they aren't really on top of this it seems. I think a smaller org that is working in the space could have a lot of impact.

I come at this as a project developer in Tanzania in the carbon space, doing biochar which increases soil fertility for smallholders and at the same time sequesters carbon (www.darkearthcarbon.com) we're looking for people!






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Hi Arno,

I don't know anyone personally, but you could potentially reach out to someone working at the Clean Air Task Force or perhaps Jan-Willem at Training for Good might have contacts in the space?


Have you heard of Climate Refarm? They're an EA-aligned organization focusing on funding climate solutions in the food system through carbon offsets from various projects, like promoting plant-based options in school cafeterias, reforesting degraded land, and advocating for sustainable food policies. They could be a good connection for coordinating efforts!


Hi Constance, thanks! Will hit them up, though looking at their website they seem to be more US focused?

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