If you run a student group and need fast funding for productivity software, books, events, or other things - we're interested in potentially funding you.

We previous ran this service for productivity software and have made 31 grants so far.

We aim to make this service super simple and fast. So far all 27 (out of 31) people who have filled out our feedback form have rated it 10/10 in how likely they'd recommend it to a friend.

"Extremely fast and to the point" - previous recipient

Request funding here

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Since CEA is willing to fund a lot of these expenses as well, I guess I'm curious why the Global Challenges project is offering this as well and if there's any effort to avoid doubling up.

Is the idea that it's better to have a one-shop stop for all of the support needs of student groups?

I think our service is easier to use. Group leaders should feel free to use whichever service they like.