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What is the topic of the talk?
Who would you like to give the talk?
What is the format of the talk?
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The case for working on animal welfare over AI / X-risk

Who do people think might be good for this talk?

[Placeholder - get Peter Singer to talk about something]

I'm not sure I love this, because I'm not sure of the value it would create, but I would watch Peter speak so shrug.

[Placeholder - some talks about animal welfare policy]

Cultivated meat: Where are the forecasts at? - Gaia Dempsey and [placeholders - someone from GFI] - In conversation

Gaia interviews an expert from GFI on their views on the current forecasts in the alt meat forecasting tournament. Are they surprised? What questions would they like? What are their explanations for the numbers? 

I would be interested in the following

  • Theory of change for animal liberation/ animal rights/ animal advocacy- Tobias Baumann/ Jamie Harris or someone from Animal Think Tank/ Open Phil - Maybe a talk followed by discussion - I think we still lack clarity on what kind of milestones should the movement optimise for the collective progress and structural changes needed, I think the development of the EAA movement is still quite dispersed and needs more discussion and coherence.
  • Talks exploring different considerations on Wild Animal Suffering both regarding outreach and academic research- Maybe representatives of Animal Ethics- Oscar Horta based on the recent blog post they published, or Wild Animal Initiative.
  • Session on insect welfare policy- I think we are at the right time to have an influence over the insect farming industry. Given that it is at a nascent stage, and the stakes are high, my opinion is it is of high importance to invest more discussion into this area. Speakers - Maybe from Rethink Priorities new org on Insect welfare?
  • Also I think learning more about the animal welfare movement from less talked about regions would be valuable i.e South east Asia, South America, Africa
  • Recent developments in the cellular ag/ clean meat industry and discussion on their technological feasibility-  folks from New Harvest and GFI?
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