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We’d like to announce some upcoming changes to the management teams for EA Funds.

  • Long-Term Future Fund: Matthew Fallshaw will be stepping down from the team. Existing member Matt Wage will take on the position of Chair.
  • Animal Welfare Fund: As Animal Charity Evaluators has now set up its own Effective Animal Advocacy Fund, Toni Adleberg and Jamie Spurgeon (both of ACE) are stepping down, and three new Fund managers will join the team: Kieran Greig, Karolina Sarek, and Alexandria Beck. It’s still possible to support ACE’s endeavours via EA Funds (either via direct donation, or by donation to charities at ACE’s discretion).
  • EA Meta Fund: Tara Mac Aulay will be stepping down to focus on her startup, and Peter McIntyre will join the team. Peter McIntyre is currently an employee of 80,000 Hours, which is legally part of the Centre for Effective Altruism — both organizations are potential grantees of the EA Meta Fund, and as such Peter will recuse himself from proposing, advocating for, or approving grants to 80,000 Hours and CEA (although he may still provide relevant information about 80,000 Hours to other grantmakers on the team if appropriate).
  • Global Health and Development Fund: No personnel changes, but the Fund has recently changed its regranting schedule to better reflect strategic priorities.

The new appointments were made by agreement between the Fund management team chairs and CEA, in consultation with Fund management team members and external advisors.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Matthew, Toni, Jamie, and Tara for their service to EA Funds. Working on an EA Funds management team entails a significant time commitment, and we’re grateful for the efforts of all teams as they evaluate promising grant opportunities.

The writeups from past grant recommendations for each Fund can be found on their respective pages (Animal Welfare Fund, Long-Term Future Fund, EA Meta Fund, Global Health and Development Fund). Biographies for the incoming Fund managers are below (and have been added to the respective pages of the EA Funds website).

Kieran Greig

Kieran is the Analyst for Farmed Animal Funders, a group of large donors who each give over $250,000 annually to end factory farming. He previously worked as a researcher at Animal Charity Evaluators, and prior to that was a co-founder of Charity Entrepreneurship and Charity Science Health. He has written about topics like improving the welfare of farmed fish and supporting plant-based alternatives to animal products. He has a BSc from Monash University and a Master’s from La Trobe University.

Karolina Sarek

Karolina is the senior research analyst at Charity Entrepreneurship and a board member at Charity Science. She leads the research team, aiming to find the most evidence-based, cost-effective and neglected interventions, and to train others in starting high impact charities to implement them.

Before joining Charity Entrepreneurship, she co-founded the Polish Foundation for Effective Altruism, working on improving the effectiveness of NGOs. Prior to that, she worked on measurement and evaluation for Charity Science Health and Open Cages, and as a researcher for IBM and the Jagiellonian University. During her Master's studies, she became the youngest university lecturer in her country. She has been volunteering for farm animals since she was 18.

Alexandria Beck

Alexandria is the Director of the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) at The Humane League. She oversees a global coalition of more than 60 organizations working to end the abuse of chickens worldwide, with a focus on institutional campaigns to ban battery cages for egg-laying hens. Since 2017, Alexandria has led the coalition's growing grant program and distributed over 1.3 million dollars to support OWA groups’ corporate cage-free and broiler welfare campaigns.

Peter McIntyre

Peter is head of recruiting at 80,000 Hours, where he connects talented people with high-impact opportunities and leading organizations working on the world’s most pressing problems. Previously, he was the director of philanthropy at a quantitative trading firm, worked in communications at the University of Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute, and was a founding director of Effective Altruism Australia, a tax-deductible charity that has raised over $3 million for effective charities.

This post was prepared by Sam Deere, Aaron Gertler, and Chloe Malone, in consultation with the EA Fund management teams.

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What was the reason for Matt Fallshaw stepping down?

In his email to us he only mentioned time-constraints (in particular I think his other commitments at Bellroy and helping with MIRI seemed to ramp up around that time, though I also think the fund took more time than he had initially expected).

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