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Stanford Economics is proud to host its annual Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics (SITE) Conference this summer 2022. Despite its name, SITE sponsors sessions that encompass both economic theory and empirical work and cover a broad range of topics. It brings together established and emerging scholars to present leading-edge economic research, to educate, and to collaborate.

On July 12 2022, SITE will be hosting its first-ever session on The Economics of Animal Welfare. The session will bring together theoretical work on animal wellbeing and empirical work on supply and demand forces on animal welfare. For instance, we welcome submissions on how to bring animal wellbeing into welfare economics and on the effects of policies intended to improve humane treatment of animals.

We encourage submissions of abstracts and papers taking a range of approaches to the topic.

The meeting will be hybrid (in-person and via Zoom). In-person attendees will meet in a beautiful conference room at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) and enjoy travel support as well as meals during the day and group dinners.

Please submit by April 30, 2022 at this link: https://economics.stanford.edu/site/paper-submission. Notifications will be emailed approximately 2 weeks after the submission deadline.

The conference website is: https://economics.stanford.edu/events/site-2022/economics-animal-welfare


  • Marc Fleurbaey, Paris School of Economics
  • Lisa Kramer, University of Toronto
  • Nicolas Treich, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Caroline Hoxby, Stanford University
  • with the assistance of Zach Freitas-Groff, Stanford University




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