This week, 473 (so far) philosophers signed to speak against the human exploitation of nonhuman animals, in the Montreal Declaration On Animal Exploitation, it seems to me that it is pretty rare for philosophers to sign and publish such a co-statement. 

"We are researchers in the field of moral and political philosophy. Our work is rooted in different philosophical traditions, and we rarely find ourselves in agreement with one another. We do agree, however, on the need for a profound transformation of our relationships with other animals. We condemn the practices that involve treating animals as objects or commodities."

My guess with not-so-much thought is that the declaration could be pretty influential to students and academics in the future. It might even feature in books on the history of philosophy in the future! 

To-do: The only EA-related philosophers on the list of signatories are Peter Singer and Jeff Sebo. I think it is pretty important (we have an animal welfare cause area but no EA philosopher on this list) and beneficial (strengthen this list and make it more powerful) for major EA philosophers to sign on this. If you are a philosopher, consider becoming a signatory by clicking this link.




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What do you mean by Peter Singer isn't formally linked with EA?

I also see other philosophers who identify with EA or are otherwise involved with EA, e.g. have worked at or with Rethink Priorities. But maybe you're thinking more prominent EA philosophers like MacAskill, Ord, Greaves and Bostrom?

I answered your first question in a private message.

I didn't realize the other names who might work at EA orgs (maybe I don't even know the names). I am glad that there are! 

And yes I am thinking of these major names. (Would love to see their names there)

(btw Bostrom probably won't admit he is an EA)

For what it's worth, I'm on the list and closely connected to EA :)

That's great! Thank you for doing it.

Thanks for sharing this!

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