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Hello and welcome to our May Newsletter!

This month we're experimenting with a video summary of our newsletter. Watch it and tell us whether you think we should continue with this format in the future via a 30 second survey! You can find a version with the video text on our blog.

Until next time, keep doing good!

-Luke Freeman & the rest of the Giving What We Can team.

Members Seren Kell, Rishub Jain and Arvind Raghavan were featured in this article from Positive News about effective giving and effective altruism!

Attend An Event


Come meet the Giving What We Can staff as well as other community members in our meet up this month! This is a great opportunity to ask the staff to show you their pets, about working at Giving What We Can or anything else on your mind.

June Meetup (Americas/Oceania)

Jun 4: 22:00 UTC (New York: Sat 6:00 pm, Sydney: Sun 8:00 am)

RSVP via facebook


June Meetup (Europe/Asia)

Jun 5: 09:30 UTC (London: Sun 10:30 am, Mumbai: Sun 3:00 pm, Singapore: Sun 5:30 pm)

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Open Forum

Our open forum is an event where you can come along with questions about effective giving or just come along to meet others interested in effective giving. Alternates between different timezones each month.

June Open Forum (Americas/Oceania)

Jun 16: 23:00 UTC (Sydney 9:00 am, New York 7:00 pm, San Francisco 4:00 pm)

RSVP via facebook


News & Updates

Effective altruism community

Giving What We Can has formally taken over the EA Funds donation platform, so if you are looking to make donations to effective charities in the US, UK or Netherlands you can now visit donate.givingwhatwecan.org. Read more about the changes in our announcement here.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest for a senior researcher and welcome any general expressions of interest.

We shared GWWC member Sonia Albrecht's member story

Will MacAskill on balancing frugality with ambition, whether you need longtermism, and mental health under pressure -  Will MacAskill and Rob Wiblin, 80,000 Hours Podcast

Most students who would agree with EA ideas haven't heard of EA yet (results of a large-scale survey) - Lucius Caviola, Erin Morrissey, Joshua Lewis, EA Forum

Effective altruism and the current funding situation - Will MacAskill, 80,000 Hours blog

Evaluators, grantmakers and incubators

Announcing: CE Career Coaching for Impact-focused Entrepreneurs - Karolina Sarek, Charity Entrepreneurship

GiveWell has published the following pages on grants it made or recommended:

About $9 million to Nutrition International to support vitamin A supplementation (VAS) campaigns in Chad.

Two grants to Against Malaria Foundation (AMF): $52.8 million to support long-lasting insecticide-treated net (LLIN) distribution in three countries, and $8.2 million for LLIN distribution in three Nigerian states primarily supported by President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) funding.

Two grants to Malaria Consortium: $79.9 million to maintain or expand seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) programs in four countries, and $15.9 million to implement SMC in Nampula province, Mozambique.

$8.2 million to Fortify Health, which supplies mills in three Indian states with equipment and materials to fortify wheat flour with iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12.

GiveWell published short notes on why it decided to deprioritize deworming pregnant people, unconditional cash transfers during pregnancy, corticosteroids to improve birth outcomes in at-risk pregnant women, and targeted azithromycin distribution to children discharged from hospitals.

GiveWell is also still looking for candidates for its open  Senior Program Associate, Senior Researcher, Senior Research Associate, and Content Editor positions.

Cause areas

Animal welfare

From marshes to meat: Reflections from a career in conservation - Sheila Voss, Good Food Institute.

Why should I care about insects? - Jamie Gittens, EA Forum.

Studies show that chickens are smarter than you think - Owen Walsh, The Humane League.

New study on whether animal welfare reforms affect wider attitudes towards animals - Jamie Harris, EA Forum

The horrific bird flu that has wiped out 36 million chickens and turkeys, explained - Kenny Torrella, Vox

Global health and development

Why we didn't launch in Ukraine - Dan Quinn, GiveDirectly.

You can save someone's life. Here's how. (video below)- Giving What We Can.

The problem of global energy inequity, explained by American refrigerators - Siobhan McDonough, Vox.

Have we been thinking about economic growth all wrong? - Dylan Matthews, Vox.

800,000th donation received, US$460,000,000 raised and 400 million people able to be protected - Thank you for your support! - Against Malaria Foundation

James Tibenderana on the state of the art in malaria control and elimination - 80,000 Hours

Laying foundations of good health in school classrooms across India - Nivedita Parashar, Evidence Action

Long-term future

Many think climate change is the world's top problem because it threatens humanity's survival. Is this right? - Benjamin Hilton, 80,000 Hours.

My thoughts on nanotechnology strategy research as an EA cause area - Ben Snodin, Rethink Priorities.

Messy personal stuff that affected my cause prioritization (or: how I started to care about AI safety) - Julia Wise, EA Forum.

EA is more than longtermism - Frances Lorenz, EA Forum.
Should we buy coal mines? - John Halstead, EA Forum

How to give future humans a voice in government - Sigal Samuel, Vox

EU pioneers carbon removals certification: Key recommendations and principles - Clean Air Task Force


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