Background: I launched an online clothing store called Misercordia ( last week to promote effective giving.  Here's my previous post announcing the launch of Misercordia.  100% of profits are split between Clean Air Task Force and Against Malaria Foundation.

Yesterday, Anton Rodenhauser pre-committed to buying a t-shirt with a quote of his choice with some cool cosmic futuristic design. You asked, and I delivered! 

Existential Hope T-Shirt
Existential Hope Hoodie

I aim to sell at least 10-15 items this week to have a decent profit margin (it's cheaper if I can ship items in bulk) so I can muster a sizable donation. If you have the financial resources to be able to, I would greatly appreciate it if you bought one of these items or any other products from our online store.

If you place your order before June 16th -- and use code EAFORUM when you check out-- you can receive 15% off any product and receive your order one week earlier than you would have otherwise. 

All products are now available anywhere on the globe ($8.00 fee for shipping outside the U.S. and Canada)!

Thank you all so much!!!

All the best,





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Fantastic to see this happening!

Is the design already fixed in stone?

I'd suggest:

  • Making the words straight, not curved
  • Increase their font size
  • and make them two lines (maybe with the image between them?)

This is so cool! I'm definitely going to order something :)

Just FYI, the link to the site seems to be broken - it just links back to this post! 

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