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The initiative High-Impact Psychology (HIPsy) currently aims to find out how to best help people engaged with Effective Altruism, to maximize their impact via evidence-based psychology. You could contribute to this a lot by letting us know what would be most helpful to you. It just takes 3 min to fill out this form

We are thinking of collecting and providing the most sought-after resources such as workshops, expert discussions, and evidence summaries on: 

  • psychology across cause areas, e.g., in existential risk, mental health, and research.
  • psychology at work, e.g., effective management, HR, and team building
  • community building, e.g., building culture and increasing engagement
  • personal optimization, e.g., learning, productivity, and wellbeing



HIPsy is currently in a funded pilot phase, finding out which potential actions would be most impactful. One potential action is to give community members access to cutting-edge behavioral science and psychology that contribute to relevant EA aspirations. With just a few clicks, you shall be able to access evidence summaries and upskilling workshops, as well as exchange with psychology experts. If we decide to go that route and if possible, we will try to offer these for free. You can learn more about our project and other potential actions in this post. 


Let us know, by filling out the brief form here:  Which learnings would increase your impact most?


Additional resources

You can sign up via these forms for events, networking, and materials 

If you want to contribute to HIPsy, e.g., offer psychology-related resources, let us know here.

Thank you to Christian Kleinedam, Justis Mills, and Lucia Purcaru for the helpful feedback on this post.




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