This is a quickly made, low-effort post, but I'm hoping it'll be useful to some people anyway. Please let me know if you know of things I missed.[1] I list things in order of recency, and I'm including some things that aren't primarily about the question in the title but are still quite relevant to it.

  1. ^

    There may be some posts I missed with the European Union tag. 

    There are also posts with that tag that aren’t about AI governance but which address a similar question for other cause areas and so might have some applicable insights. 

    There are also presumably relevant things I missed that aren’t on the Forum, including things that don't focus on longtermism/x-risks but still make relevant arguments about whether to focus on AI policy in the EU vs elsewhere.

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Classic Aird: great collection of links to useful resources. Thanks mate. Looking forward to meta-Aird: a collection of links to the best of Aird's collection of links.