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Do you want to become a better-calibrated predictor while following current events? Do you want to compete against other forecasters in quick-resolving questions that provide regular performance feedback? Do you want to win the Q4 Quarterly Cup?

You are invited to participate in the Q4 Quarterly Cup Tournament! This repeating tournament is a venue for forecasters of all experience levels to compete on topical questions, get fast feedback, and be recognized for their expertise.

Each week we open a fresh set of questions related to current events. And each week, at least one question will resolve. If you haven't predicted on Metaculus, the Quarterly Cup is an excellent opportunity to learn how the platform works. If you’re a veteran, it’s the perfect place to demonstrate your abilities. For forecasters of all levels, it’s an opportunity to hone your skills, get better calibrated, engage with your fellow forecasters, and track current events through the lens of quantified forecasting.

Here are some of the open questions to get you started:


Finally, congratulations to the winners of the Q3 Quarterly Cup! Learn more here




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